Homeward Bound

Well, tomorrow, and the three weeks following, this blog should be known as LA to UK as I’m heading back to the homestead for a well needed visit. This page will have no poem as I’m still working on a ‘home’ based verse which I feel will be enriched once I’m back over there; I don’t want to force it.

I’m excited to be going back. LA has a heat wave right now and it can get very stuffy in our little Hollywood studio and outside it’s meltingly hot. I much prefer to be by the coast where even the idea of a water source nearby can be refreshing. I have an affiliation to water; not just because I am an Aquarius. In the UK I live about 6 miles from the sea, my parent’s home is around the corner from the wide grey swathe of the River Wyre and their holiday home in St. Ives, Cornwall is a mere few steps from crisp, clear ocean (see featured image). Even my house in the UK has a dike running beside it. On the flip side, California is in constant drought. Although, when it rains here it does it so well.


The thing with LA, especially in such a built up area as Hollywood, is that it is so suffocating. There is so much traffic the air is never clean…the other day my husband cleaned his desk which sits in front of the large windows we have in the main room of the studio. At night we open one of the windows to let in the (sometimes) cool air. The following day he found his desk covered in black deposits once again. I don’t even want to describe the dust I’ve just cleaned off the fan we have on at night.

When it’s hot here the heat hits you from all angles; it bounces off the endless streams of traffic, it flutters up off the road and the pavement, there’s no reprise. I’ve been to other hot places,spent many a summer holiday in the South of France where it gets just as hot, but it seems that back when these medieval towns and villages were built people had to use their noggin and think about how their environment could be used to control the temperatures around them, as no one even dreamed of such things are air conditioners and refrigeration, and so used a lot of pale coloured stone. It just seems more refreshing somehow.

Much less imposing than Downtown LA

Of course, heat in the UK is something to revel. I find it funny how, even when every single day here is hot and sunny, 30 years of being British always kicks me into action and I have to take a walk to the shop, or to meet Jon from school, just so I  know that I ‘made the most of the nice day’. It’s the same when I take a cardigan out with me ‘just in case’. In the UK the weather can turn at any time. Here the only unpredictable turns are the ones made by the driver in front of you.

I can’t be down on LA too much. Earlier today Jon asked if I was excited to being going home and then commented that I wouldn’t want to come back. I said of course I was going to come back, I’d be packing more stuff if I wasn’t. I can imagine the conversation with mum asking me when we’ll be moving back, how long will we be out here, saying something like “this is your home.” Yes, the lush green landscape and the rolling river will always be my home, yet this is where I live…and from live, comes life. Life is here in LA; opportunity, revelation. The good thing about home is that you can always go back when you need to.


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