I’m sitting on a garden chair by the Mazda service station in Glendale. I’ve already walked the, what must be, two miles to town and back whilst passing the time. My left foot hurts but I did get a see a friend so that was a bonus. Having already waited three and a half hours I’m told the problem and I ask them to fix it. Fine, that’ll be another 1 -1/2 hours. Do you want a lift to the mall? No thanks, I can’t actually walk anymore and I’m not going to have the money to spend after this. I have an earl grey, I’m fine. Might as well make the most of the time and do an exercise in iambic pentameter as suggested by Stephen Fry in his book that I’m currently reading called ‘The Ode Less Travelled’. Now I’m trying to share it with you on Jon’s crapping-out iPhone 4s.

When all seems lost and all you do it hide,
a numbness comes, it blossoms deep inside.
The panic runs its fingers through your nerves;
It’s fizzing down the straights and round your curves.
The shadows turn your gaze down to the floor.
Why bother pushing forward anymore?

“Chip-up,” says mum, “don’t let it get you down,
Perspective makes a smile out of a frown.
If you just keep your eyes upon the ground,
You’ll only see the dog shit to step round.
With open eyes you can anticipate
and see potential through a gaping gate.

So chin-up, love, and hold your head up high,
watch the birds as they fly through the sky.
The turbulence gives them varied flight,
unfurl your wings and don’t give up the fight.
Adapt, react, glide gently to the ground
and fluff your feather, singing loud and proud”.



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